HR policy

MDM-Print HR-policy is based primarily on the tactics of attracting and keeping talented and motivated employees. When selecting candidates for open job positions, we promote equal opportunities for all of them. Company offers job opportunities both for already experienced applicants and candidates with no experience at all. We are ready to invest our time, resources and experience in the development of promising young professionals.

MDM-Print pays special attention to continuous personal trainings and development inside  the company.  Newcomers are taught all the details of printing business by  experienced workers within the newly introduced and successively functioning mentoring system.

Our employees have advantage over outside applicants for the positions available at MDM. Therefore our employees are aware of all career opportunities and understand possible development at every position.

MDM-Print offers opportunities for industry-specific schools students. We actively cooperate with St. Petersburg leading polygraph institutes, inviting students to internships and professional practice. We are ready to make job offers to the most successful and interested students by the end of their working practice.

We are also ready to openly discuss any problems our employees face during their working process and help solve them, as well as welcome any initiatives or business process improvement proposals.

MDM-Print allows to:

     - Be a part of professional and harmonious team;

     - Advance your skills and qualification in printing business;

     - Discuss and implement initiatives openly with the help of the management of the company.